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Why should i use Sellcoins.ae to buy Crypto Currencies

Category : Sell Coins news
Date : Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sellcoins.ae is a peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can sell and buy your cryptocurrencies.


At sellcoins.ae, people from UAE can change their cryptocurrencies to cash direct to their bank account and vice versa. The site allows only bank payment to your bank accounnts after your coins have been sold and we receive the money in our escrow system at sellcoins.ae.

How do we differentiate ourselves?

Sellcoins.ae is decentralized and embraces the nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.



At sellcoins.ae, You are dealing with an official website with a license from Abu Dhabi Department of economic development under this account ( CN-2662014 ).Unlike the centralized bitcoin trading platforms, like stock exchanges.


Without Limits

You can trade any number of coins witho limits directly and buyers bid for it. This makes the process fast and agile, since no overheads are incurred. You get your cash deposited into your account immediately.

Pricing Rate

The duration of the trading process is a few minutes. You can trade at any rate you ever wished, so far the bidder agree to transact with you are your rate terms.



Your money will be safe from scammers because SellCoins.ae will be the Broker between you and the buyer. Our escrow system acts as administrator for transactions between the buyer and the seller. After a successful transactions between the buyer and seller, your money is stored with sellcoins.ae from there its sent directly into your bank accounts. So cool

Everyone connects to the internet economy. Sellcoins.ae focus on users and the community. We are constantly expanding the world of the cryptospace. We believe cryptocurrency is a Black Swan event, something that is fundamentally changing the financial world. This will contribute to greater prosperity, especially in UAE.

Sellcoin.ae enables online transactions only in United Arab Emirates (UAE) outside the traditional banking sector. Saving your wealth in cryptocurencies is protected against political risks.

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