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How to SELL

in SellCoins.ae we made buying and selling Crypto coins very simple and 0% risk. follow those steps and you will be happy.


Step 1 - Open an account with us and activate it.


Step 2 - Enter your Control Panel and add new Coin for sale.


Step 3 - Your coins will be displayed online in our site and if someone want to buy it you will be notice by email and Phone number about it.


When someone want to buy your Coin he will transfer the money into our bank account to Guarantee that you will get your money from the BUYER after you send his coins to him , those are the simple steps :

- Buyer make order to buy coins
- Buyer send the total money to SellCoins.ae bank account
- SellCoins.ae will inform you that your money with us and you can transfer the coins to the buyer.
- the buyer approved your transaction then SellCoins.ae will transfer your money to your bank account after taking the Site Fees which is ( 2% ).


SellCoins.ae FEES is 2% from the SELLER .

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